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Always in the forefront
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Corso Nuvola® OPsystem Rimini

Corso Nuvola® OPsystem Rimini


OP System is an innovative orthodontic protocol that combines osteopathic concepts of lingual and cranial functionality with orthodontics with transparent aligners. The special design of the aligners, together with the forces generated by the exercises that the patient does using a special device, brings an effective stimulus to the cranial sutures, with the possibility that the cranial pattern reconfigures itself towards physiology. Through OP System it is possible to intervene both at the dental level and at the level of deeper structures such as the cranial scheme, bone bases and occlusal plane.


• Biofunction as the guiding concept of orthodontic design

• The function of sutures: how a correct balance of the bone bases can be useful for orthodontics.

• The biomechanical and morphofunctional bases: types of palate and malocclusions according to OP System.

• The AXEL device: what it is used for, its integration in technology and design with the Nuvola OP aligners, functional characteristics.

• The OP System visit: detection of asymmetries, photos and practice of the participants live.

• The analysis of the symmetries of the face and its relationships with the cranial scheme and occlusion.

• How to set up an Op System case: indications and integrated functional solutions.

• Clinical cases

• Questions and conclusions

Organizing secretariat:

Biomax spa

Characteristics of the event

Beginning of Event 29-02-2020 9:00 am
Ending Event 29-02-2020 5:00 pm
Places Unlimited
Savoia Hotel Rimini Lungomare Murri 13, Rimini
Lungomare Murri 13, Rimini
Savoia Hotel Rimini Lungomare Murri 13, Rimini
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