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“Craftsmanship encounters new 3D digital technologies” by GEO scientific research.

geo-logo-square-ukOur many years of research drove us to develop a lab procedure that, with the aid of 3D tridimensional microscopic electronics, 3D laser scanner and dedicated software, can programme 3D dental movement with a precision of 0.2 mm and 0.1°. This means that with this level of craftmanship each orthodontic case can be personalised and studied at 360°.


Nuvola utilises the latest technologies within the fields of precision mechanics, 3D digital simulation and 21st century dentistry. The most innovative aspects of the concept are achieved by the synergy of techniques and clinical procedures, with the possibility to virtually interact and support the specialist during the course of treatment. The system delivers strong control on dental movement in progressive stages with 12 aligners per stage. At the end of every stage an assessment will be made ( taking a new dental impressions is an option) and, together with intermediate checks, there are opportunities to improve the progressive alignment of the teeth and, if necessary add attachments. In designing the system our objective is to prove that it is possible to have a case perfectly under control by using 12 aligners carried out under any system.


immagine-tecnologia-softwareNuvola system is based on CAD software developed and personalised for “nuvola systematic” that utilises STL standard format. This programme allow us to obtain high quality virtual digital models from four simultaneous visits, starting from acquiring a scanned dental impression, examining it, carving it and replacing all the elements at the last stage.

nuvola-viewNuvola view is 3D virtual software, designed for the specialist to visualise, analyse and control all stages of your patient's orthodontic treatment. It's an invaluable tool for visual marketing as 3D simulation allows the patient to see the orthodontic therapy limits and the eventual goal.


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