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For a beautiful smile and fabulous smile make the right choice: invisible – removable – comfortable!

Nuvola will correct misaligned teeth, overcrowded teeth and unsightly or unwanted gaps to give you a fabulous smile using an orthodontic brace that won't interfere with your life. Nuvola aligners are clear, comfortable and easy to remove for meals and whilst carrying out your normal oral hygiene. Nuvola aligners are transparent so no one will know that your are wearing an orthodontic brace.

Find a dentist near you

richiedi-il-area-di-interesseContact us to find your nearest Nuvola dentist for a consultation to choose the correct treatment for you. The dentist will develop a treatment plan tailored to your expectations and desired goal. Click here...

The Software

nuvola-viewThe specialist dentist will show you a Nuvola 3D image of the proposed treatment from start to finish to demonstrate how your smile will be transformed at the end of the treatment. Once treatment is confirmed a unique set of invisible aligners will be created for you.

The aligner

le-pellicoleEach Nuvola aligner will move your teeth step by step to your desired position. Every new aligner will be worn for 2 weeks before moving onto the next one. Each aligner is worn for a minimum of 20 hours per day, or according to your dentist’s direction. During treatment the specialist will examine you periodically to check that the treatment plan is on target. The length of the treatment depends on how much the teeth are crowded - more correction takes longer. Typically, simple case usually take about four months while more complex cases can take 7-14 months. At the end of the treatment your dentist will give you a retainer that you will need to wear to stabilise the final position of your teeth. In this way you can have the smile you have always wanted...

Daily maintenance of your Nuvola clear aligner

  • Before use, clean the aligner with a gentle toothbrush, toothpaste and water.
  • Rinse after cleaning with water, do not use mouthwash as it can make the aligner opaque.
  • Remove the aligner during meals and before consuming beverages.
  • For any queries regarding oral hygiene please refer to your dentist.
  • Store the aligner in it's case.

How to fit your Nuvola clear aligner

inserimento-pellicoleMake sure that you are using the correct aligner for your upper and lower teeth. During insertion place the aligner on the teeth and then pushthe aligner gently until it fits correctly on your teeth.

How to remove your Nuvola clear aligner

rimozione-pellicoleGently push down the aligner with your fingers, starting from the back teeth. Immediately wash the aligner and place it in it's case.


What happens if i lose or break an aligner?
Inform your dentist straightaway, he will soon provide you with a new aligner.
Is the Nuvola treatment painful?
It is not unusual to feel a little pressure and discomfort when you change to a new aligner. It will usually disappear after a couple of days but if it persists contact your dentist.
Are the aligners invisible after you put them on?
They usually create clear and glossy teeth.
Is it possible to drink hot or cold beverages while wearing the aligner?
Other than water, it is not advisable to drink or eat while you are wearing your aligners as this may cause them to become stained or distorted. Unlike traditional retainers you can drink and eat when you want by simply removing the aligner.
Does the aligner interfere with pronunciation?
Yes, this can happen but it usually only lasts for about 48 hours until you become accustomed to it.
What should I do if the aligners don't stay in perfectly?
If the aligners do not feel as though they are fitting properly, or are very uncomfortable to wear, please remove them and consult your dentist.

For any further questions do not hesitate to ask your dentist.