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Getting to know Nuvola

Treatment with Nuvola aligners can be very easily adapted to every day life: they don’t create embarrassment; they don't consist of traditional wires or brackets; and they are comfortable and user friendly.
Once the aligner is inserted in the mouth they are invisible: they don't alter speech; they are easy to handle; it is possible to remove them during meals, during everyday oral hygiene, or at anytime during the day. Aligners have to be worn for a minimum of 20 hours out of 24 to be effective and they have to be replaced every 15 days with the next one in the programme.

Looking for clear aligners to straighten your teeth and improve your smile? Nuvola clear aligners straighten your teeth without any need for wires or brackets. Nuvola clear aligners are virtually transparent so no one will know you are wearing them. Nuvola clear braces are removable so you can clean your teeth in the normal way. Nuvola clear aligners achieve painless teeth straightening by inducing gradual movement of misaligned teeth. Nuvola are the perfect orthodontics clear aligner for a great smile! Nuvola clear aligner by GEO Orthodontic.


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Ideal therapeutic indications

  • Dental crowding not higher than 5-6 mm per arch, particularly in the anterior sectors
  • Closing of diastema in the anterior sector
  • Cross-bite and trasversal/sagital corrections.
  • Post orthodontic correction
  • Tooth rotation
  • Dental extrusion/intrusion
  • Nickel allergy
  • Pre-prosthetics treatment


Therapeutic limits

  • Extract cases
  • Malocclusion that need severe trasversal/sagital corrections
  • Dental class corrections/ deep bite/ open bite
  • Severe movement of tipping/torque
  • Movement of the molars




Therapeutic limits can be resolved with pre-applications of traditional lingual orthodontic devices, therefore invisible (mini-expansion – distalizing devices) or with accessory as buttons or elastic modules to applicate on malplaced elements and finalising the case with Nuvola.